How to Lose 70 Lbs

All of us know how to lose weight. But it seems too hard to follow through with, so we never really try. It’s hard to break the fast food / junk food habit. We can’t get any momentum going before we’re back at the drive thru, or worse.

Don’t worry, that’s all normal. Everybody loves junk food. It’s pretty much all they sell, because it’s all that people want. But those manufactured foods with their addictive sugar, salt, and fat make us over eat them, become sick & obese, and still want them.

We must escape the junk food trap, and cook traditional meals, to get healthy again. The body is amazing, and automatically heals given the chance. Eat fresh, whole foods (preferably fruits, greens, grains, and starchy vegetables) and get moving again. The body will fix itself, and will restore a normal metabolism (lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, less inflammation, insulin sesnitivity, etc.) You’ll feel normal again, and will move more, which improves your health further, etc. and you’ll be amazed at the final result (your natural self).

When I was obese, I didn’t know why I was stuck, nor how to get out of it. Luckily, I saw Dr. John McDougall’s “The Starch Solution” talk on YouTube. It showed that people never got fat on traditional starch-based diets, but almost always get fat on a processed Western diet. And, people returning to a traditional, whole-foods, starch-based diet stop the over-eating and regain their normal body weight. It always works, and you never have to restrict calories.

It’s a simple solution: just treat the body properly, and it’ll heal itself. It works because the body is amazing, and built for survival. But is has it’s limits, and it’ll get sick eating non-stop junk food. (The food industry has pushed us over our evolutionary boundaries.)

Watch these videos for more information:

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