Losing (Weight) In Vegas

I always lose weight on trips to Las Vegas. Between all the distractions of gambling, the bright lights, friends, and walking around, I avoid my normal overeating at night. Plus, I chose the relatively healthy options at the buffet, food court, and restaurants. So for three breakfasts, I had an English muffin and scrambled eggs. I ate light lunches, and saved my calories for our nice dinners. I ate dessert a few times, and had a few drinks. We walked around a lot, gambled, and crashed around 2 am. If I did this everyday, I’d lose a kilo every week.

Of course, I chose to load up on the vegetables and salad at dinner. Then I ate a reasonable portion of meat, and got most of my calories from potatoes and starches. All last week I didn’t overeat at night, and I dropped a kilo. We’ll see if I can repeat it at home this week.

Cinelli Histogram

I just got my new Cinelli Mash Historgram! This is the first new, good bike I’ve bought since 1986, when I bought a Bianchi Trofeo for $800. My new Histogram costs about the same, after adjusting for inflation. I’m now riding fixed-gear (no coasting), but I still have a front brake. I’m getting used to the feel of being directly attached to the wheel with SPD pedals. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve fallen twice @ 0 mph trying to come to a stop.

I can’t wait until it all feels natural, including the skid stops.

AWLF Full Moon Ride

Rode with the Awarewolfs last night after the Tuesday night races at the Velodrome. We started at about 21:30, and I didn’t get home until midnight. We re-grouped for a while at City Liquor on 5th & Elm, near my place. This was my first group ride at night, and it’s pretty fun screaming through intersections, hoping your peripheral vision sees the headlights of thru traffic. Back to spin tonight.

World War II Rationing Made Easy

I just learned about the specifics of WWII food rationing in Britain. I knew they used ration books and coupons, and that it wasn’t very fun. But I learned they still ate more much meat, sugar, fats, and oils than I do today.rationing
The ration allowed for 230g/week of fats and oils (margarine, butter, lard), 230g/week of sugar, and about 500g/week of meat and cheese. They also allowed 800 ml/week of milk, and 500g/week of jam. Vegetables weren’t rationed.

Geez, that’s a lot. I don’t even eat half of that. I doubt I eat 100g of sugar/week. I eat less than 200g/week of meat. I doubt I use 100g/week fats and oils. I avoid all dairy, and don’t eat jam.

Of course, I eat an amazing variety of fresh produce, unobtainable in wartime Britian.

Anyways, people have suggested that WWII rations-based diets would improve the public’s health. This should be fairly obvious. In fact, a woman has lost 10 stone on a 1940’s diet experiment, using vintage recipes.

The photo of a week’s rations (above) might look like deprivation to some. But to a McDougall’er, it looks like gluttony and health issues.