Mt. Soledad Sunday

IMG_1556Thought I’d take the long way to spin class, so I mashed up the 5.4k, 4.6% climb to Mt. Soledad this morning. I’d never climbed it before, but I scoped it out on Strava, and knew what to expect. (Short 8% sections hurt riding 48×16 fixed, but are bearable.) The cross is now part of a federal war memorial. From 250m of elevation, I saw some nice views of the city under the morning mist.

I probably burned about 1500 calories this morning, and went right to the stove when I got back home. I fried up a burger from 100g of grass-fed organic beef (my first time trying it), and ate it on a whole-wheat bun with avocado, onions, tomatoes, and a bunch of dark greens. I guess it would have been Paleo if I didn’t use a wheat bun. And it would have been vegan if I used a veggie burger patty. Like it matters.

Paleo-Vegan Fusion Breakfast

IMG_1546Microwave a Yukon Gold potato for 90s, then dice. Quarter 6 fresh white mushrooms, and chop up some green onions bulbs and a garlic clove. Fry everything up in a pan with dried rosemary, salt, and pepper. I add in some cilantro at the very end. Scramble two eggs with salt and pepper in a bit of butter. OMG it hits the spot.

This recipe combines the hearty starch you need from potatoes, fried in a bit of canola oil (both Paleo no-no’s), and the fat, protein, and calories you need from eggs and butter (two vegan no-no’s). The ample fibre in the meal is approved by both camps.