Island Soul Bistro

I rode out to watch local cyclist / competitive eater / body builder Eric TheElectric smash a 12.4 lb food challenge at Island Soul Bistro. Most people can’t handle even 1/4 of this amount of food. Erik demolished the challenge in just 35 minutes, and didn’t have to pay the $70 price tag. The kid has talent.

My food obsession led me to the YouTube channels of a few competitive food eaters. I found it so refreshing that these guys eat insanely, and completely opposite to the orthorexia channels that I usually watch. I saw Erik was local, and found him on Strava too. Now all he has to do is get as famous as Durianrider.

So instead of watching pseudo-science polemics from low-carb or raw vegan advocates, I calmly watch guys eat things like 150 Chicken McNuggets and not panic. The body is amazing, and can handle all kinds of foods and outright abuse. People need to lighten up about their food.

First Twinkies in 20 Years

IMG_2826I don’t remember the last time I ate a Twinkie. They’re so universally maligned, that I don’t know anyone that eats them. Sure, they’re an iconic brand (at least to people over 40 years old), but the reality is that no one in their right mind is going to eat them. They almost went out-of-business last year, and they probably will again.

That said, they were actually pretty good today on the Moment Cycle Sports Sunday ride. After about 70 km of hard riding, we make a fast stop at a 7-11 Store. We never spend too much time resting, so I bust through the doors and grab the first thing that looks edible, then race to get a Coke. Sort of like the way Tour de France racers used to raid cafe’s along the race route (flash mob style, but back in the 50’s, and more-or-less accepted by the business owners.)

Food Challenge Fail :(

I thought it’d be easy enough, after watching people like Matt Stonie eat 12 lbs of food in 20 minutes. I failed the Great White Whale Challenge @ Shakespeare’s Pub. It was 2 lbs of fish + 2 lbs of fries and a bowl of peas. A bridge too far. I ate all of the fries, most of the fish, but barely touched the peas. It stopped feeling good about 15 minutes into the challenge. I gave up with 15 minutes to go, about 7/8th of the way finished. I just didn’t want to make myself sick. The fish and breading tasted horrible at the end. I’m happy I gave up. Blah.

The Occasional Junk

IMG_2813I’m in maintenance mode now, happy with my weight, and willing to eat the occasional off-plan junk. So the other night, I picked up these treats at a local Mexican-style bakery on 25th and B in Golden Hill. I wasn’t too afraid of the carrot cake or the scone, but that flaky pastry on top was dangerous garbage. I felt the butter seep into my adipose tissue, and had to ride about 100km to get it out of my system.

It’s easy when your hobby is riding 300 km/week, often going as fast as possible. Still, it probably helps more by avoiding greasy food, and instead loading up on low-fat starches, vegetables, and fruits. It’s all pretty obvious stuff, and is how we ate and moved before the age of convenience.