First Twinkies in 20 Years

IMG_2826I don’t remember the last time I ate a Twinkie. They’re so universally maligned, that I don’t know anyone that eats them. Sure, they’re an iconic brand (at least to people over 40 years old), but the reality is that no one in their right mind is going to eat them. They almost went out-of-business last year, and they probably will again.

That said, they were actually pretty good today on the Moment Cycle Sports Sunday ride. After about 70 km of hard riding, we make a fast stop at a 7-11 Store. We never spend too much time resting, so I bust through the doors and grab the first thing that looks edible, then race to get a Coke. Sort of like the way Tour de France racers used to raid cafe’s along the race route (flash mob style, but back in the 50’s, and more-or-less accepted by the business owners.)

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