Island Soul Bistro

I rode out to watch local cyclist / competitive eater / body builder Eric TheElectric smash a 12.4 lb food challenge at Island Soul Bistro. Most people can’t handle even 1/4 of this amount of food. Erik demolished the challenge in just 35 minutes, and didn’t have to pay the $70 price tag. The kid has talent.

My food obsession led me to the YouTube channels of a few competitive food eaters. I found it so refreshing that these guys eat insanely, and completely opposite to the orthorexia channels that I usually watch. I saw Erik was local, and found him on Strava too. Now all he has to do is get as famous as Durianrider.

So instead of watching pseudo-science polemics from low-carb or raw vegan advocates, I calmly watch guys eat things like 150 Chicken McNuggets and not panic. The body is amazing, and can handle all kinds of foods and outright abuse. People need to lighten up about their food.

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  1. I enjoyed the write up brother! Thanks so much for mentioning me and for coming out to see everything! There are few people left in the world as kind and as genuine as you are, super down to earth as well! You should come to some more challenges!

    Take it easy buddy!


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