Losing (Weight) In Vegas

I always lose weight on trips to Las Vegas. Between all the distractions of gambling, the bright lights, friends, and walking around, I avoid my normal overeating at night. Plus, I chose the relatively healthy options at the buffet, food court, and restaurants. So for three breakfasts, I had an English muffin and scrambled eggs. I ate light lunches, and saved my calories for our nice dinners. I ate dessert a few times, and had a few drinks. We walked around a lot, gambled, and crashed around 2 am. If I did this everyday, I’d lose a kilo every week.

Of course, I chose to load up on the vegetables and salad at dinner. Then I ate a reasonable portion of meat, and got most of my calories from potatoes and starches. All last week I didn’t overeat at night, and I dropped a kilo. We’ll see if I can repeat it at home this week.

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