Veggie Burger

The bun is only 80g of starch, but the frozen burger patty claims to contain 13g of whole grains.  These store-bought veggie burgers aren’t very good, and they’re too small.  I’ll make real starch burgers later using basmati rice, beans, peas, and bread crumbs.  Those will rock.  Also pictured is the first Tab of the day.  I’ll drink a bunch of them until it gets close to spin time, or I feel sick, then I’ll start drinking water.  The first 1/9th of my daily starch.


Veggie Burrito @ Taco Rey

Got a veggie burrito from Taco Rey on 4th & Fir for lunch.  I walk by the place all the time, and I call in my order.  Their veggie weighs 550g, which includes some tomatoes and lettuce.  So let’s say the tortilla, rice, and refried beans weigh 400g (conservatively).  Yes, beans have a lot of starch.  People just aren’t afraid of them, because no one overeats them.  The burrito probably had around 600 – 700 calories, which is just about right for lunch, and it’s 4/9ths of my daily starch.