Metabolic Advantage?! A Calorie is a Calorie.

The low-carb crowd will convince you that “carbs make you fat”, and they’ll tell you about all the heavy whipping cream, lard, and cheese they consume. They’ll say that “a calorie is not a calorie”, and make it seem like you can eat a lot more under a low-carb diet. I’m pretty sure all the studies continue to show that “a calorie is a calorie”, and the non-statistically significant differences between a low-carb and low-fat (high-carb) diet depend more on adherence, and differences in actual calories consumed. Just to make sure, I checked with an online ketogenic diet calculator, using my particulars (age, weight, height, physical activity).

So, even if I starved myself to only 25g of carbs a day (vs. my current 400g/day), then I could eat 100g of protein, and 212g of fat. It calculates I’d only lose 75g/day. Where’s the metabolic advantage of a ketogenic diet? I already lose 100g/day eating 2 lbs of starch everyday. I’m happy with the 50g of fat I’m already eating. So why would I cut out carbs entirely? Because I was afraid of them?!

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Why We Get Fat Listening To Gary Taubes

You’re not going to win a debate against Gary Taubes unless you can scream louder than he can. I don’t recommend you watch this video, unless you can stomach his droning on and on, and not letting Dr. Christopher Gardner speak. Apparently, he needs to get in every word during the hour debate plus Q&A to say the following (“carbs are bad”):

  1. Yes, he understands that some change in the food environment is responsible for the obesity epidemic of the last 30 years.
  2. But it’s not over-eating, or fatty super-sized fast food, because the Pima Indians in 1902 got fat on sugar and refined grains (not fast food).
  3. So, it must be the sugar and refined grains that made us fat.
  4. This is because they raise insulin levels, which makes us accumulate fat.

He ignores/discounts any other mechanisms of food addiction like the Pleasure Trap or the power of food reward like Salt, Sugar, and Fat. Or the additional hundreds of calories/day we’re consuming since the 80’s. All the researchers have it wrong (Occam’s Razor tells him so), or had poorly designed experiments. It’s all about insulin. There’s no other interactions, or feedback loops in the regulation of appetite and body fat. No one has ever made this simple connection before.

Finally, incredibly, he started to agree with Stanford’s Dr. Gardner that if everyone ate only whole foods, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, fruits, etc., the country would be lean. (What?! He’s making sense?!) But then he caught himself, and hastily added that we’re probably too far down the obesity road, and we’d all probably have to adopt ketogenic diets first. What a maroon dillettante fixed-idea nut.

Wheat, Baby!

Does this bread make me look fat? It’ll take over a week to eat them, so I keep them in the freezer. I make veggie burgers, and eat them on the couch watching Dr. Davis’ Wheat Belly talks on YouTube. I might contact his website and tell them that I’ve lost 30 lbs after reading his book. I won’t tell them I read it for comedy, and ignored his advice.

Half Pound of Bread

I felt like a veggie sandwich from Rubicon on India today. I brought my scale to weigh the fresh bread loaf used for the “whole” size sandwich. It weighed 225g, so I bought the “whole” instead of the “half”, which I’ll eat today between lunch and dinner. The 225g of bread probably has about 620 calories. That’s perfect. The slice of cheese (30g) in the sandwich is probably all the dairy I’ll consume in a month. The bread isn’t perfect either, but it doesn’t matter. The issue isn’t the gluten or the sugar in the bread, or the strain of wheat used. If you eat this for lunch and dinner, you’ll lose weight.