Half Pound of Bread

I felt like a veggie sandwich from Rubicon on India today. I brought my scale to weigh the fresh bread loaf used for the “whole” size sandwich. It weighed 225g, so I bought the “whole” instead of the “half”, which I’ll eat today between lunch and dinner. The 225g of bread probably has about 620 calories. That’s perfect. The slice of cheese (30g) in the sandwich is probably all the dairy I’ll consume in a month. The bread isn’t perfect either, but it doesn’t matter. The issue isn’t the gluten or the sugar in the bread, or the strain of wheat used. If you eat this for lunch and dinner, you’ll lose weight.

Ketosis vs. Potatoes

I really get into watching talks by both the high-carb and the low-carb experts from their respective conferences. Of course, I eat two pounds of starch a day, but I’m fascinated by the low-carb’ers. I had no idea they limit their carbs to < 50g/day. Total. They also limit their protein intake, since the liver metabolises it to glucose. So this famous low-carb'er Jimmy Moore eats 85% fat / 12% protein / 3% carbs in order to put his body into ketosis to burn his fat. He measures his blood ketone levels on stage to prove it. Wow.

Maybe there are some people who must put themselves into ketosis in order to meet their weight goals. Clearly, he’s tried other ways of eating, and he’s settled on “nutritional ketosis”. (BTW, when he was “low-carb”‘ing, but not in ketosis, he put back on 60 lbs. He took it off again by going into ketosis for 6 months.) But there are actual doctors that advocate a ketogenic diet for weightloss (Dr. Eric Westman). I hope that his patients seek him out, and not visa-versa.