Salad Rolls w/ Soba Noodles

For the first half of dinner, I made some fresh salad rolls with chilled Japanese Soba noodles. I think Soba buckwheat noodles are usually served chilled. I added some Ponzu sauce to the noodles, and put them in the fridge while I went to spin. These ingredients made three salad rolls. The fresh basil, mint, and cilantro make the dish. I’ll probably make a veggie burger, then have some Weetabix and fruit for dessert.

BTW, if it isn’t clear, I prefer to eat this way. I’m not force-feeding myself vegetables. I love this stuff. That’s what makes losing weight so easy. I make fresh food, and eat until I’m full. Unlike hyper-palatable junk food, you can’t binge on this stuff.


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