Fresh Corn Tortillas

IMG_1628I bought 3 lbs of fresh corn tortillas from a Barrio Logan grocery, and have been eating them warmed up, with a little butter, over the last few days. They’re pretty good, but I might try to find even thicker, doughier ones, or make my own from masa harina. I dab some water on the tortillas before I heat them up in the pan, which give them that just-made steaminess.

I pretty much ate a pound of these a day (450g/day) until they were gone. I ate a few with beans, but mostly I ate them with a little bit of butter. Usually, my rule is to eat my starches with fiber (e.g., lots of vegetables), but these were really good with just a bit of fat 🙂 Luckily, I still lost weight over the last few days, so they can’t be that bad for you.

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