More Street Tacos

IMG_1763Rode the monthly Paseo de Todos with Urban Bike & Social last night, which went so smoothly, there was a 0 minute wait crossing the border back into the US. It didn’t even feel like an 80 km ride, nor did it seem like 1:30 am when I got back home. I got this Korean Asada taco from a food truck in San Diego. In Tijuana, I had a carne asada taco, a cheese & bean quesadilla, and a cane sugar Coke. (They tell me that Brasilian cane sugar is cheap, and they don’t subsidize corn in Mexico, thus no HFCS.)

I ended up eating more animal products than usual this week. I had about 6 eggs, 500g of meat, and some butter, totaling around 1500 calories. So about 7.5% of my calories came from animal products this week. That’s a bit more than my usual 5% average, but not too bad in the scheme of things. My meals never felt too heavy or greasy, as they always included plenty of fresh vegetables.

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