September AWLF FMBR

Tonight’s Awarewolf Full Moon Bike ride was more like Bojac’s K.I.S.S ride tonight, with the crazies racing at the front of the pack, because that’s what G-d made testosterone for. I actually lowered my PR on the E Mission Bay Dr. segment by about 30s (almost 10% faster) while chasing after two guys at the front. We hung out in the unlit park in Crown Point for a while, chatting and drinking (a Coke for me).

The nice video of a previous FMBR shows what the ride is like, excluding the craziness that happens in the front of the pack. It’s all a blast. I raced back with Barry and David, and got home in a soaking wet t-shirt at about 11pm. I ate 250g of spaghetti before going to bed.

Thanks to AWLF founder Charlie Sears for organising everything as usual.

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