Bread Challenge Day 17 of 30

IMG_1897I got up early enough to join the weekly Saturday morning Chili’s ride (departs @ 8:15 am). The guys in the photo belong to some SDSU biking team or group. Everyone was wearing a cycling kit, except me in jeans, t-shirt, backpack, no helmet, riding a fixie. The ride was about 50km, but my Strava app didn’t successfully record it 😦 You know you’re addicted to Strava when you consider a “make up” ride for the km’s the app missed. It’s a shame, because I logged some pretty hard efforts today.

I knew I’d need some fuel for this ride, so I bought a Jalapeño & cheddar bagel with cream cheese. I wolfed it down minutes before we took off. About 90 minutes into the ride, I was hungry again, so I ate some Shot Bloks for a quick 200 calories and 100mg of caffeine. On the way home, I picked up 400g of assorted breads from the bakery, and a pound of butter. So, with the bagel and the hamburger bun for breakfast, I’ll eat a of total 600g of bread today.

I just pounded the 400g of bread I just bought with about 40g of butter for lunch. I’m guessing this totals to about 1350 calories, including about 32g of protein. Time for a nap about now. (BTW, my blood glucose level is 130 mg/dl right now.)

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