Bread Challenge Day 20 of 30

IMG_1933I’m finally getting the hang of this pound-of-bread-a-day diet, after almost 3 weeks into the Challenge. I picked up 400g of ground lamb at the store yesterday, and I’m now making all meals around a small burger on a ciabatta bun, with tomatoes, onion, and spinach. This is a much more tasty menu than just eating bread and butter on top of my normal vegan-like high carb diet.

I bought 550g of ciabatta and pretzel buns, and they’re barely enough carbs for the day. The bread totals to about 1400 calories, with 300g of carbs and 40g of protein. The lamb is mostly fat, and if I make 3 x 70g patties, they’ll total to about 45g of fat and 35g of protein. I’ll eat some veggies and other snacks for another 50g of carbs and 10g of protein. In total, I’ll probably eat about 350g of carbs, 50g of fat, and 85g of protein (2200 kCal; 65% carbs / 20% fat / 15% protein) today.

I rode my bike to and from spin today, and I might join the fixie crowd at the velodrome races tonight. More than likely, I’ll eat another 400 calories of carbs and veggies until I’m full. But for now, that fatty lamb is really helping to satisfy my hunger on seemingly fewer calories. Hopefully, saturated fat isn’t bad for you.

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