100km Morning Ride

IMG_1967I needed breakfast before the Gitman Holland CC ride this morning, so I figured I’d load up on over 1000 calories from this cinnamon bun, and be done with it. Turns out it was enough food for the ride, although I drank 2x 350ml of Coke, and another 750ml of a Sprite+Powerade cocktail.

Strava says I burned 2600 calories on the ride, but I’m not sure the cinnamon bun was a good idea. On the one hand, it’s pretty concentrated energy, and I wouldn’t want to eat my normal low calorie density food (like 1.5 burritos) before the ride. But then again, eggs, toast, and hash browns might have been a better breakfast. I’ll try that next time.

The ride was fun, and I kept up with everyone on my fixie for the first 45km of the ride. But after 30 total minutes of climbing, and with my 48×16 gearing, I couldn’t keep up with the 38 km/hr pace on the flats. So I continued the ride on my own, stopped a few times for drinks, and averaged around 31 km/hr.

I didn’t eat any bread yesterday for Day 23 of the Bread Challenge. Today, I had the 250g cinnamon bun, and about 200g of 9-Grain Honey Oat in my 12″ Subway turkey and veggie sandwich. So that’s a total of 450g of bread for Day 24. (I didn’t have my scale, but I swear that cinnamon bun weighed almost 300g. And with all the butter and sugar, it probably had a caloric density > 4 cal/g. Oh well, I’ll try to forget about it.)

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