Bread Challenge Day 29 of 30

IMG_2002My 30 day “experiment” of eating a pound of bread a day is finally coming to an end. Only one more trip to the bakery tomorrow morning, then I’m free! I weighed in at my previous low of 79.2 kg this morning, so I should end up losing weight after eating 30 pounds of bread in 30 days. Just to make sure, I bought a 610g multi-grain loaf today, instead of my usual white flour choices.

I don’t expect this self-experiment to prove anything to anyone. If you believe that “carbs make you fat”, and that Jimmy Moore and Gary Taubes are geniuses for writing books that say so, then nothing will change your mind. It’s like Stephan Guyenet and CarbSane Evelyn explaining to Sam “Smash The Fat” Feltham for 2+ hours why the “alternative hypothesis” of carbs->insulin->fat is silly. (See the recent two “Do Calories Count” interviews here and here.) Sam doesn’t disagree, and lets his guests thoroughly explain why the “alternative hypothesis” is over-simplistic and does not correctly characterize human biochemistry and physiology, nor does it predict actual outcomes (i.e., the billions of thin people on starch-based diets).

I give Sam Feltham credit for airing opposing points of views on his show. I’ve never seen an honest exchange between the low-carb and the CICO camps before. Sam didn’t resort to dodgy Taubes-like rhetorical tactics. In fact, he didn’t argue his position, or even say much. It was very much like Jimmy Moore’s podcast with Durianrider. Jimmy didn’t say much, and just wasn’t interested in hearing about people eating carbs. These guys are only interested in talking about *not* eating carbs. There’s a difference. The world eats carbs, always has, and always will. They don’t care. They just want to resonate their obsession that “carbs make you fat” in their echo-chamber.

Bottom line: no one’s listening. They only hear what they want to hear.

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