Noodle Haul

IMG_2095I’m back in serious weightloss mode again, so it’s time to fuel the body with carbs, and to avoid dietary fat. I’m riding about 200 km/week, so I’m burning lots of fat on the road and in spin class. I might burn 50 – 100 g of fat on a long ride, but a high fat meal could easily replentish it.

While it was fun eating lots of meat last month, and enjoying butter with my bread, I’m going back to the classic low-fat diet. The body does not store excess carbs as fat (de novo lipogensis is slow, < 10g/day), but excess dietary fat is directly stored by the body. So, I’m going to try to limit my fat intake to < 50g/day.

I enjoy the taste of food with minimal added fats, so it’s not much of an issue for me. I’m not worried about eliminating my fat intake, but just keeping it under the fat I burn.

I’m inching towards my final goal weight of 70 – 75 kg. If I burn 50g fat/day (around a 500 calorie deficit), I’ll only lose 1.5 kg in a month. It’s slow-going, and I’ll have to be careful. Fat tastes good, but if you don’t burn it, you’ll store it. Fortunately, carbs taste good but aren’t stored as fat.


  1. Are you going to stay at the same calorie range as last month? If so, it will be interesting to see if your macro split has any affect on your rate of fat loss. Supposedly, it’s all calories. I still can’t ignore all the anectodal stories from 80/10/10 ppl or mcdougall followers who seem to eat a lot of calories and stay extremely lean. I’ll be following:-)


    1. I never count nor restrict calories, and I eat until I’m full. So this is a test of “eat-all-the-carbs-you-want, but avoid all fat, and you’ll lose weight”. I don’t generally believe in macro-nutrient magic ratios, but there’s the “de novo lipogenesis” science behind the idea. I haven’t looked into the 80/10/10 diet, but is that what they’re saying?


  2. 80/10/10 is an extreme high carb low fat and generally raw vegan diet. A leader in the movement is an avid cyclist, Durian Rider. He has tons of youtube videos. He claims to eat 3000-6000 calories a day, mostly fruit.


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