Wheat Belly Diet

IMG_2271Perpetual thanks to Dr. William Davis for establishing the six bagel stack as a dietary icon. When I think of Wheat Belly, it’ll usually put me in the mood to pick up half a dozen bagels. They have a special at Einstein Brothers, where six bagels plus a half-pint of spread costs $9 USD. The bagels totaled to about 630g, so it’s a reasonable price.

I was really hungry after back-to-back spin classes this morning, and I quickly finished four of the bagels. They were just-baked warm and delicious! I’ll save the last two for after dinner, which will probably be Taiwanese noodle soup again.

Yes, if I eat a stack of bagels everyday, I’ll lose weight. It’s not magic, it’s just a low-fat diet.

(If you really want to do the math: I burned about 1600 calories in spin today. Maybe 60% of that was from fat, so I burned about 100g of fat from adipose stores. I’m pretty sure my post-workout carb meal was used to replenish glycogen stores, and almost no fat was created by DNL. But, even if 5% of the bagel carbs were converted to fat, that’d be (5%)(4/6)(630g bagel)(2.75 kcal/g bagel)(g carb / 4 kcal) = 14 of fat. No problem. I’ll burn 14g of fat sometime in the 6-8 hours before dinner.)