Morning Potatoes

Everyone should make time in the morning to cook potatoes for breakfast.  Wake up early to cook, if you have to.  It’s more fun that waking up early to exercise, and it’s probably more important too.  In studies, subjects lose weight just by changing to a whole foods, starch-based diet, without exercise.  I go along with what people at the gym say, “Losing weight is 80% food, and 20% exercise.”


I made this with 300g of potatoes, 125g of tofu, 6 mushrooms, one green onion, and a clove of garlic.  I use olive oil to cook, and add plenty of salt and pepper.  This is probably about 400 calories, but I’m not counting.  I also had some cantaloupe, because you can’t each too much whole raw foods like fruit (the more the better).

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