Saturday Morning Ride w/ SDBC

IMG_1493For the second week in a row, I joined the San Diego Bike Club Saturday morning ride. It starts at UC Cyclery, and is a 40 mile, reasonably fast-paced ride through the hills of the north coast. There’s a wide range of abilities in the group, and while I didn’t get dropped going up the early hills, I couldn’t keep up on the big descents with my fixie (can’t coast, so your legs get in the way of gravity).

So I grouped up with a few “B” riders about my speed, and we worked together for the rest of the ride. This is my first group ride where I took a some pulls in front, and did a lot of work. I was pretty tired going up the last big climb on Torrey Pines hill, with one gear, in my jeans and t-shirt. (Everyone else wore cycling kits and had gears. Yes, I’m trying to be different.)

I haven’t been this tired in a long time. I ate about 1400 calories before and during the ride, but I was really hungry for some fat at lunch. I ate two fish tacos from Taco Rey on 4th, and just slumped in the chair for 10 minutes afterwards.

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