New York Rye Loaf

IMG_1523Occasionally, I pick up some groceries from Whole Foods. I shop there very carefully, to make sure I’m not paying $4.99/lb for yellow bell peppers, or $7 for a small jar of sesame seeds. Some of their stuff is reasonable, but the bill always seems double what I pay elsewhere.

They do have reasonably priced fresh baked bread, and this 500g loaf cost $4. I’ve been eating so much Top Ramen out of the bag lately (800+ calories/day), that I figure I might as well enjoy real food instead.

People so demonize carbs, and especially bread and pasta, that you’d think it automatically makes people fat. Geez, there’s probably only 1300 calories in this rye loaf. That’s probably about 1/2 of what I need today. It also has 40g of protein, almost all I need. I’ll add a bunch of vegetables, some fruit, and some fat (a few eggs, some butter) for the fibre, nutrients, and additional calories.

Yes, you can lose weight while eating a loaf of bread a day.

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