Mt. Laguna via Kitchen Creek

IMG_1585I joined the Gitman-Holland club ride up Kitchen Creek to Mt. Laguna, just to see if I could do it on my Cinelli fixed 48×16. The answer is, “yes, but it hurts”. The ride covered 93km, with 1800m of vertical climbing. The main Kitchen Creek climb was 21km with typical 5% – 6% gradient hills, and a 0.8km section @ 11%. Ouch. I hung with the guys for the first 15km of climbing, then finished up at my own pace. We all re-grouped at the store on the top of the climb, and everyone gave me kudos for the effort.

I’ve lost 24kg so far, but will still lose another 10kg. So, at 70kg, my power:weight ratio should be 11% higher than today. That’ll really help up the hills.

I burned 3000+ calories, so I thought I’d try some fast food back in Pine Valley (population 1,408). A bunch of bikers-for-Jesus on their Harley’s were eating there. I ordered a hamburger and fries. It was okay, but I only ate half the fries (from frozen). I still prefer my own cooking, with the complex tastes of fresh ingredients. So I made some chicken fajitas when I got home.

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