Top Ramen Lunch

IMG_1589I thought I’d take the time to actually cook the Top Ramen noodles for once (instead of eating it out of the bag), and made a nice, healthy 400-calorie lunch. Does this look fattening to a low-carber? I bought this kale yesterday, at a fellow shopper’s suggestion. She said to sauté it in “ghee or coconut oil” (cult alert!). She obviously wanted me to ask her what ghee was, so she could tell me about her Paleo diet, but I didn’t bite. I said I just had “regular oil”. I admitted it was canola oil. Luckily, she didn’t give me the omega-6 lecture. I told her I was going to eat it with Udon noodles, and she just smiled and bit her tongue.

What is it with this internet echo-chamber?! Before, a new fad diet would have to be relatively simple (i.e., “carbs are bad”). Now, with the internet, blogs, and message boards, these diets are incredibly specific. I have to sauté in grass-fed ghee? I have to limit my protein intake because of glycogenesis in the liver? I have to avoid exposure to all artificial light sources while I sleep?

Oh well, if you want effective magic, you have to follow all the steps exactly as written in the spell book.


  1. Read the label on those ramen noodles. Usually they’re deep fried and not baked, like Dr. McDougall’s Right Food Cups noodles are. Ramen noodles is one thing I had to give up when I started McDougalling because of that. I used to live for weeks on them when single.


    1. Well, being single, I’ve lived off them for a year now 🙂 Yes, I know they’re deep-fried. They wouldn’t taste good in the salad if they weren’t. Once I bought some organic, healthy instant ramen noodles, and they tasted horrible in the salad. I can live with the fat.


  2. I laughed when you wrote “she probably wanted me to ask her what ghee was so she could tell me about her paleo diet..” So funny and sadly, so true. Orthorexia is rampant in the fad diet arena. Whatever happened to 80/20? As for ramen, good, easy food. I like your pictures, too.


    1. Thanks. After the “30 Day Bread Challenge”, I’m going to do a “30 Day Anti-Paleo Diet” where I’ll get all of my calories from foods forbidden by the Paleo Diet (legumes, grains, nightshades, refined vegetable oils, sugar, flour, etc.). I’ll create new Anti-Paleo recipes.


  3. What a hoot! I noticed that normally you don’t include legumes in your food unless they get put in there by a taco maker. Is it just that they are a pain to “properly prepare”? Or is it preference for potatoes? Personally I like potatoes and bread better.


    1. Funny, I just had dinner at Buon Appettito half an hour ago. I could have picked up some of their beans there. Thanks for the info!


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