Bread Challenge Day 5 of 30

IMG_1796During this 30 Day Bread Challenge, I’m eating a loaf-a-day in addition to whatever other meals I end up consuming. After an 80 km fixie ride this morning, I had a chicken salad sandwich and fries. I bought a challah loaf for the Bread Challenge, and was going to make ham and cheese sandwiches with it, but decided on the smoked salmon instead. I had a few slices already, which is made with egg, and tastes great with a little butter. Perfect for watching tv on Shabbat.

I weighed in at a new low today, so the Bread Challenge is probably going well. I’m glad I rode my bike out to dinner last night, so I could do some hill work at 10pm to burn off the hamburger, fries, appetizers, and malt shake (in addition to the 540g loaf of corn rye).

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