Bread Challenge Day 7 of 30

IMG_1799We had something of a family reunion over the weekend, and most of the get-togethers revolved around restaurants and meals. I went with the flow, meaning I ate a bunch of bad stuff (fried foods, desserts, “comfort food”, etc.)

On top of this, I added a loaf of bread each day for the 30 Day Bread Challenge. I didn’t buy a loaf yesterday, but finished off Saturday’s Challah. I’m still averaging over a pound of bread a day. I tried to work off the calories by biking everywhere, and developed a bit of tendonitis in the knees. I’ll slow it down now, since I’m back to eating my preferred vegetable dishes.

I picked up this “Seeduction” loaf from Whole Foods this morning, and will have it with some vegetarian curry stew I made.

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