Bread Challenge Day 15 of 30

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.45.00 PMTo repeat the Diet Doctor’s comparison of the blood glucose responses of a high-carb meal and a low-carb meal, I made a 3 egg omelette with veggies and cheese for breakfast today. The omelette probably totals 400 calories, while the yesterday’s bread meal had about 700 calories.

While not quite the “zero response” curve that Dr. Eenfeldt plotted yesterday, the low-carb meal definitely had a lower blood glucose response than the high-carb meal. I’m surprised that there was any glucose response at all from the omelette, which had almost 0 carbs. I read a suggestion that rapid gluconeogenesis of protein causes the response, but the science seems unclear on this effect (from what I could find in 5 minutes).

Does any of this matter? I don’t care. My body is properly metabolising any fuel that I feed it. My health is amazing, and I continue to lose weight eating anything healthy and exercising. We can measure every step of my metabolism of carbs and protein/fat, and it’ll all be normal. We evolved to efficiently extract every calorie of energy from food, whether it’s carb, fat, or protein (beyond that needed for repair/growth). Good luck tricking the body on that one.

[The only variation you’re ever going to see is that some people are less efficient than extracting the theoretical max of 4 kCal/g from carbs/protein, and 9 kCal/g from fat.]

The 30 Day Bread Challenge is going well, and I ate 410g of chiabatta buns and walnut raisin bread yesterday, the aforementioned omelette, the rest of my egg noodles with veggies and broth, 100g of salmon, a grapefruit, some jerky, tortilla chips, and I finished off the kilo of Wasabi & Soy Sauce roasted almonds. This morning, I weighed in at a new low of 79.3 kg. Woohoo! I bought another 600g of bread (including a white bread french baguette) to celebrate.


  1. I came across your blog through Carbsane and I love it! Thank you for some notes of sanity in the world of nutrition. Your bread challenge is awesome. It’s so sad the amount of people not enjoying food like bread due to irrational beliefs and thought systems in the world of dietary dogma.


    1. Yes, I like Carbsane too, and all the work Evelyn does to counter the low-carb silliness on the web. She’s doing a great job dissecting the Krebs cycle, and defending the various Laws of Thermodynamics against the anti-CICO crowd.

      All I want to do is show people that they don’t need to fear bread, potatoes, tortillas, or beans. How hard could that be?


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