Bread Challenge Day 16 of 30

IMG_1891Well, I’ve passed the halfway point, and I’m actually enjoying the pound-a-day bread challenge now. At first, I quickly got tired of forcing down a whole-grain loaf every day. Then I learned to buy an assortment at the bakery, and I found the ciabatta rolls. Plus, it turns out that sourdough tastes good with butter.

When I first started losing weight 14 months ago, I was heavily influenced by the Forks Over Knives movie. I thought that animal products gave you cancer, and I minimized them to less than 5% of my calories. Now, I’m probably eating 100g/week in butter alone (mostly due to the Bread Challenge, and from listening to Jimmy Moore’s podcasts), and I might be eating as much as 12% of my calories from animal products.

I probably wouldn’t eat so much if I wasn’t biking 200 km/week. But as it is, I feel that I’m properly fueling my body. Could I still lose weight eating a pound of bread a day without biking? Probably, but it wouldn’t be any fun. I’m having fun the way it is.

The employees at Bread & Cie on 5th Ave all know me now. Every morning, they take and fill my order. They probably wonder what I’m doing with all the bread. I bought four ciabatta rolls and a petite sourdough baguette totaling 660g today. I used one of the rolls for a salmon burger with sesame oil and rice vinegar dressing, served with sauteed baby bok choy with peanut sauce. (I’ll need those decorative sandwich toothpicks to take better photos.)


  1. Have you tried pretzel rolls, La Brea bakery olive bread and the rosemary bread? They are pretty darn good. Kerrygold butter is excellent. Cheaper at Costco too.


    1. I saw the pretzel rolls, but didn’t buy them! I’ll pick some up next week. I just went to my corner grocery store, and bought a lb of Darigold butter for $5. Is that even a major brand?


      1. I never heard of Darigold butter. Kerrygold is from Ireland. Costco sells it and they also make fresh LaBrea bakery bread everyday, in house (at least in Los Angeles).

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