Dinner @ Golden City

IMG_2162Golden City is the best Chinese restaurant ever, because the food is great, the service is actually good, and the place is clean, bright, cheerful, and quiet. There might be a few other places like this, but I’ve never seen them. So instead of dreading a family outing, I’m actually pretty happy to have dinner there.

I only had a 600g loaf of bread today, so I’m pretty hungry. I hammered some hills this morning, fueled by Thanksgiving dinner and pumpkin pie, and I PR’ed the 5th Ave Hill Sprint from Date to Laurel, placing an overall 4th @ 2:00 (out of 2,900 total attempts). I’ve been monitoring my progression on this hill, because on my fixie, my times are a direct function of my weight. I’ll still probably lose another 5-7 kg, so I expect to improve by another 10 seconds or so.

Anyway, my family is in town for Thanksgiving, and four of us are pretty involved (obsessed) with health and fitness, so the dinner conversation always includes a debate over carbs. I give them the vegan argument that you get everything you need from bread, tortillas, beans, rice, and vegetables. Everyone else worries about protein, and thinks you have to get it from meat. Plus, they’re convinced that bread makes you fat, and I only get away eating a pound a day because I bike a lot. We have the same conversation every meal (because I bring it up), and no one changes their mind 🙂

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