High Fat Diet

IMG_2202Okay, with all the relatives in town, and the fun of eating out, I’m not toting around a loaf of bread, and insisting on my boring low-fat diet. So it’s two slices of pizza and a “salad” (the good kind with the tossed-in fat and meat), with frozen yogurt for dessert. This is the only time I’ll watch the quantity of food I’m eating (like normal people do, I guess).

I rode 50km this morning, with some good hill efforts, so I’m probably keeping a little ahead of my fork. I’ll still lose weight eating this, even though I have to resort to the dreaded “portion control” mindfulness. Think of it as a LCHF diet with real healthy fats, plus some plain bread.


Update: Ate more off-plan junk after dinner, including a bunch of cookies, more pie, and chocolates. I’ll hope to burn off the calories on the Sunday morning ride, but from experience, I know “you can’t outrun your fork”.

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