Moment Cycle Sport Shop Ride

I rode a fun 50km ride with the Moment Cycle Sport club this morning. A few of us took the easy way out, and returned to downtown on the ferry. I have trouble keeping up with the road bikes when they pace line @ 40 km/hr. I end up riding at my own pace on my fixie (in jeans and t-shirt). So I don’t mind making it a fun Sunday, and I take the picturesque ferry ride across the Coronado bay. It’s a nice little reward at the end of the ride.

I recently learned that two of the guys on the Moment racing team are vegans (Gianpanna and Hans Lieber). I follow these guys on Strava and Instagram, which motivates me to eat as healthy as possible.

Most bicycle stores have a regular group ride (called a “shop ride”) that meets once, or a few times each week. The participants are usually very experienced riders, and are often racers. The rides are pretty fast, but there’s usually an option for a slower/shorter route.

Most cities have more causal group rides, without all the bike racers. Google or check for regular fun rides in your area. Group rides really make biking fun. It’s a unique, wonderful experience, and you’ll make a lot of new friends.

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