Moderate Fat Experiment

IMG_2620My low fat (10%) diet experiment over the last two months was successful, and I lost about 2-3 kilos. I ate massive amounts of bread, bagels, noodles, tortillas, and cereal, and avoided fat as much as possible. I counted on de novo lipogenesis to be minor, and pounded the carbs with impunity. I rode my usual 250 km/week, but never with the mindset (obsession) of trying to burn off the calories I’d eaten.

I started eating higher fat last week, to see if I can still lose weight through exercise and a generally whole-foods diet. So the focus is still on vegetables and starches, but I won’t be paranoid about fat. I’m not going to eat junk like donuts, candy bars, or crisps and chips. I’ll closely watch my weight to make sure things don’t get out of control.

I probably won’t buy a 1 lb (450g) bag of almonds again, because I’ll eat them all in a day. There’s about 2800 calories in the bag, mostly from fat (240g). And I don’t find the almonds that filling, so I’ll end up eating another 1500 – 2000 calories from cereal, noodles, tortillas, etc. I figure I can use about a quarter stick of butter a day (25g) on my bread and tortillas, since it doesn’t add that many calories for the day.

Hopefully, I’ll end up eating 3000 – 3500 calories per day, which is probably what I need for my 250 km/week of riding. I don’t like really fatty foods, so I’ll probably end up eating between 10% and 30% of calories from fat. It’ll vary a lot day to day, but I won’t avoid it like during the 10% low fat experiment.

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